Alcorn County, Mississippi Churches

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Alcorn Church 344712N, 0883956W
Alcorn Missionary Baptist Church 345131N, 0883820W
Antioch Church 345139N, 0882945W
Antioch Church 345715N, 0883052W
Antioch Church Number 1 344617N, 0884307W
Antioch Church Number 2 344533N, 0883940W
Bethel United Methodist Church 344824N, 0883337W
Bethlehem Baptist Church 345642N, 0884501W
Biggersville Church 344947N, 0883402W
Biggersville First Baptist Church 345123N, 0883335W
Box Chapel Methodist Church 345641N, 0882810W
Brush Creek Baptist Church 345254N, 0884553W
Calvary Baptist Church 345540N, 0883329W
Calvary Pentecostal Church 345608N, 0883021W
Church of Christ 345036N, 0883332W
City Road Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 345537N, 0883048W
Clear Creek Church 345235N, 0882831W
County Line Baptist Church 345451N, 0884920W
Danville Church 344752N, 0883229W
East Corinth Baptist Church 345632N, 0883029W
East Corinth Church of Christ 345558N, 0883022W
East Fifth Street Missionary Baptist Church 345638N, 0883020W
Ebenezer Methodist Church 345320N, 0884924W
Elbethel Church (historical) 344818N, 0884357W
Farmington Baptist Church 345634N, 0882721W
Fillmore Street Presbyterian Church (historical) 345613N, 0883112W
First Assembly of God Church 345625N, 0883112W
First Baptist Church 345624N, 0883107W
First Pentecostal Church 345557N, 0883054W
First Presbyterian Church 345645N, 0883046W
First United Methodist Church 345615N, 0883111W
Foote Street Church of Christ 345606N, 0883059W
Fraleys Chapel Church of Christ 345737N, 0882444W
Friendship Church 345436N, 0883743W
Gaines Chapel United Methodist Church 345543N, 0883337W
Glendale Baptist Church 345157N, 0882455W
Gospel Tabernacle 345721N, 0883213W
Harmony Church (historical) 345553N, 0884650W
Hatchie Chapel 345528N, 0884558W
Hinkle Creek Baptist Church 344707N, 0883650W
Holly Baptist Church 345811N, 0883516W
Hopewell Methodist Church 345434N, 0882408W
Hopwell Missionary Baptist Church 344548N, 0883224W
Indian Springs Church 345115N, 0882454W
Jerusalem Church 345530N, 0882408W
King Street African Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) 345533N, 0883048W
Kossuth Missionary Baptist Church 345223N, 0883834W
Kossuth United Methodist Church 345224N, 0883830W
Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church 345743N, 0882845W
Lebanon Methodist Church (historical) 345648N, 0883930W
Liberty Hill Church 344906N, 0882300W
Lick Branch Church 345339N, 0884214W
Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church 345908N, 0883032W
Lone Oak Church 345205N, 0884229W
Lovejoy Church 344706N, 0882309W
Macedonia Church 344749N, 0882714W
Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church 345529N, 0883047W
Marvin Church (historical) 345855N, 0882747W
Mays Creek Church (historical) 345154N, 0883608W
Meiggs Street Church of Christ 345543N, 0883059W
Mills Chapel (historical) 345056N, 0883845W
Mills Community Church 344720N, 0884032W
Mount Carmel Methodist Church 345844N, 0883508W
Mount Moriah Methodist Episcopal Church 345544N, 0883105W
Mount Pleasant Church 345557N, 0884658W
New Hope Church 344849N, 0882251W
New Hope Church 345026N, 0883353W
New Prospect Church 345342N, 0884621W
North Corinth Baptist Church 345853N, 0883054W
North Rienzi Church of Christ 344603N, 0883142W
Oak Grove Church 344942N, 0883630W
Oak Hill Church 345457N, 0884131W
Oak Hill Church 345941N, 0882154W
Oakland Baptist Church 345421N, 0882913W
Old Danville Church 344945N, 0883212W
Overton Hill Church 345752N, 0884816W
Pine View Church 344733N, 0883001W
Pinecrest Baptist Church 345631N, 0882940W
Pleasant Hill Church 345440N, 0883646W
Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church 345416N, 0883656W
Pleasant Ridge Church 344643N, 0883648W
Pleasant Ridge Church (historical) 344732N, 0883720W
Plesant Grove Church (historical) 344713N, 0884148W
Rienzi Baptist Church 344608N, 0883151W
Rienzi Church of Christ 344557N, 0883144W
Rienzi Methodist Church 344556N, 0883148W
Rock Hill Church 345906N, 0882605W
Saint James Catholic Church 345613N, 0883050W
Saint Luke Church 345228N, 0883046W
Saint Lukes Church 345128N, 0883021W
Saint Mark Baptist Church 345539N, 0883058W
Saint Pauls Episcopal Church 345620N, 0883102W
Saint Rest Missionary Baptist Church 345721N, 0883110W
Salem Church 345253N, 0882947W
Sardis Primitive Baptist Church 344609N, 0882920W
Second Pentecostal Church (historical) 345606N, 0883022W
Shady Grove Church 345432N, 0883721W
Shady Grove Church (historical) 345528N, 0882213W
Shady Grove Methodist Church 345316N, 0883124W
Shady Grove Mission 345322N, 0883055W
Shiloh Baptist Church 345558N, 0884048W
Shiloh Church 345404N, 0883958W
South Corinth Baptist Church 345519N, 0883132W
Southside Methodist Church 345542N, 0883100W
Synagogue Missionary Baptist Church 344653N, 0883337W
Tate Street Baptist Church 345551N, 0883051W
Taylor Chapel (historical) 345005N, 0882225W
Theo Church 345556N, 0884300W
Tishomingo Chapel Baptist Church 345405N, 0884009W
Trinity Methodist Church 345557N, 0883054W
Tuscumbia Baptist Church 345815N, 0884140W
Union Baptist Church 344914N, 0884104W
Waldron Street Christian Church 345606N, 0883105W
Welcome Church 345412N, 0883606W
Wenasoga Church of Christ 345916N, 0883514W
Wesley Chapel Methodist Church 344734N, 0883717W
West Corinth Baptist Church 345624N, 0883150W
West Corinth Church of Christ 345633N, 0883151W
West Corinth Pentecostal Church 345630N, 0883147W
Wheeler Grove Baptist Church 345126N, 0883700W