Alcorn County, Mississippi Communities & Places

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Alcorn (historical) 345055N, 0882950W
Allentown 345126N, 0883618W
Anderson (historical) 345855N, 0883238W
Antioch (historical) 344617N, 0884314W
Biggersville 345008N, 0883331W
Boneyard (historical) 345408N, 0884018W
Camp Warriner 345206N, 0883056W
City of Corinth 345651N, 0883051W
Coke Spur 345143N, 0882227W
Collins Crossing 344827N, 0884327W
Collinstown 344827N, 0884358W
Corinth 345603N, 0883120W
Crow 345000N, 0884205W
Crumtown 345021N, 0884400W
Cuba 345830N, 0884140W
Danville (historical) 344930N, 0883217W
Dilworth Store (historical) 344633N, 0883822W
Farmer (historical) 344540N, 0883500W
Farmington 345548N, 0882708W
Farmington 345521N, 0882636W
Gift 345644N, 0883828W
Glen 345131N, 0882512W
Glens 345158N, 0882450W
Hightown 344918N, 0884022W
Hinkle (historical) 344645N, 0883715W
Indian Springs 345025N, 0882453W
Jacinto 344535N, 0882542W
Jobes 345141N, 0882959W
Jones Mill (historical) 345144N, 0884654W
Jonestown 345215N, 0884000W
Kendrick 345813N, 0882254W
Kossuth 345219N, 0883845W
Kossuth 345221N, 0883834W
Lone Pine 345816N, 0884433W
Mingo City (historical) 345244N, 0883018W
Nabors (historical) 344850N, 0883118W
Old Rinezi (historical) 344547N, 0883240W
Overton (historical) 345738N, 0884818W
Potts Store (historical) 345546N, 0882526W
Rienzi 344557N, 0883136W
Rienzi 344548N, 0883202W
Ross Crossing 344905N, 0884343W
Ruslor Junction 345727N, 0883140W
Searcy Town 344903N, 0882937W
Strickland 345242N, 0882629W
Synagogue 344700N, 0883335W
Theo 345551N, 0884151W
Wenasoga 345913N, 0883526W
West Corinth 345629N, 0883151W