Alcorn County, Mississippi Schools

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Alcorn Central Elementary School 345411N, 0882555W
Alcorn Central High School 345408N, 0882553W
Alcorn County Vocational Center 345443N, 0883328W
Anyola School (historical) 345212N, 0883404W
Bell School 345518N, 0883306W
Bethel School (historical) 344757N, 0883246W
Biggersville Elementary School 345018N, 0883338W
Biggersville High School 345017N, 0883335W
Boneyard School (historical) 345412N, 0884031W
Brush Creek School (historical) 345316N, 0884550W
Brush School 345333N, 0884613W
Carpenter School (historical) 345552N, 0883746W
Clear Creek School (historical) 345233N, 0882833W
Concord School 345924N, 0883357W
Corinth Female College (historical) Unknown
Corinth Junior-Senior High School 345634N, 0883044W
Corona Female College (historical) 345520N, 0883142W
Crow School (historical) 345002N, 0884202W
Crum School (historical) 345105N, 0884405W
Deerlick School 345644N, 0884451W
Dennistown School 345722N, 0883253W
Dilworth School (historical) 344830N, 0883527W
Dixon School (historical) 344652N, 0884414W
East Corinth Elementary School 345628N, 0883018W
Elbethel School (historical) 344837N, 0884409W
Eula School (historical) 345233N, 0884256W
Farmington Academy (historical) 345635N, 0882722W
Farmington School 345557N, 0882711W
Field School (historical) 345812N, 0882606W
Gift School 345642N, 0883816W
Glendale School 345206N, 0882450W
Griffin School (historical) 344831N, 0884157W
Gwyna School 345433N, 0883915W
Hickory Flat School 344659N, 0882910W
Hinkle School 344704N, 0883643W
Hinton School (historical) 345225N, 0882942W
Holly School 345833N, 0883519W
Honno Two School (historical) 344757N, 0883855W
Hopewell School (historical) 345347N, 0882315W
Jacinto Male Academy (historical) Unknown
Jacinto School (historical) 344537N, 0882541W
Juliett School (historical) 344910N, 0882831W
Kossuth Elementary School 345231N, 0883829W
Kossuth High School 345228N, 0883829W
Layton School (historical) 345941N, 0883919W
Liberty Hill School (historical) 344852N, 0882320W
Little Zion School 345913N, 0883035W
Lookout School 345802N, 0884815W
Madden School (historical) 345224N, 0883509W
Marvin School (historical) 345855N, 0882745W
Mathis School 345442N, 0884852W
Mattox School (historical) 345055N, 0884102W
McGlathery School 345755N, 0882841W
Melvin School (historical) 345020N, 0883751W
Moccasin School (historical) 345615N, 0884228W
Oak Grove School 344940N, 0883632W
Oak Hill Christian School (historical) 345809N, 0882319W
Oakland School 345429N, 0882919W
Palmichie School 344927N, 0883837W
Pleasant Hill School (historical) 345433N, 0883618W
Price Academy (historical) Unknown
Progress School (historical) 344614N, 0884059W
Purdy Road School 345854N, 0883058W
Rienzi Academy (historical) Unknown
Rienzi Elementary School 344606N, 0883158W
Rienzi High School (historical) 344605N, 0883156W
Rienzi Public School (historical) 344557N, 0883157W
Rosenwald School (historical) 345533N, 0883046W
Scsally School (historical) 345552N, 0882918W
Shadmon School (historical) 345012N, 0883947W
South Corinth Elementary School 345530N, 0883055W
Sumner School 345458N, 0883302W
Synagogue-Dilworth School (historical) 344653N, 0883339W
Tuscumbia School (historical) 345801N, 0884154W
Union Center School 345541N, 0884641W
Union Elementary School 344909N, 0884049W
Union School (historical) 345046N, 0882634W
W I Gibson College (historical) Unknown
Walker School (historical) 345211N, 0884125W
Wayside School (historical) 344538N, 0883452W
West Corinth Elementary School 345621N, 0883153W
Zion School (historical) 344706N, 0882306W