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Robert Bright biography - Alcorn County, Mississippi

(submitted by Joseph Fox)

Robert Bright was recorded in the household of his father, Simeon Bright in the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Tippah County, Mississippi. The only identification on his grave in the Box Cemetery in Alcorn County, Mississippi is the initials R. B. scratched on a native sandstone. However, the Box Cemetery was on land owned by his family and his grandparents, Robert Box and Patsy Box, and an aunt, Martha Box, were previously buried there.

Bright family records indicate Robert Bright married Sarah Pressley and that his son, Robert Dow Bright was born June 22, 1863, shortly after his father's death. Simeon and Keziah Bright along with Sarah Pressley Bright and her son, Robert Dow Bright, moved to Choctaw County, Mississippi shortly after Robert Bright's death and are buried in McCurtains Creek Baptist Cemetery.

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